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Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?

Only parents can decide if and when their child is ready for a phone. If you’re considering getting one for your child, here are some questions that might help you make that decision.

·        Will this device help keep my child safe?

For example, you could use parental controls to track their location or ask them to check in at their school when they arrive.

·        Will my child be a responsible smartphone user?

Will they agree to not send inappropriate texts or photos, turn it off at school, and not ring up a huge bill?

·         Will my child be okay with me using parental controls?

Even if your child is aware of the risks and does their best to stay safe, it’s important for parents to be able to monitor texts, photos, apps, and browsing, block inappropriate content, and use location tracking for safety reasons.

If you answered yes to these questions, you and your child might be ready to have “The Talk” about smartphone safety and choose the type of phone and privileges you’re both comfortable with.

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Safety Tips for Devices

Review privacy settings: Look at the privacy settings available on social networking sites, cell phones, and other social tools your children use. Decide together which settings provide the appropriate amount of protection for each child.

Be aware of all the ways people connect to the Internet: Young people have many options to connect to the Internet beyond a home computer. Phones, tablets, gaming systems and even TVs have become connected. Be aware of all the ways and devices (including what they do at friend’s houses) your children are using and be sure they know how to use them safely and responsibly.

Talk to other parents: When and how you decide to let your children use the Internet is a personal parenting decision. Knowing what other parents are thinking and allowing their children to do is important and can be helpful for making decisions about what your children do online.

·          Empower your child to handle problems: such as bullying, unwanted contact, or hurtful comments.  Work with them on strategies for when problems arise, such as talking to a trusted adult, not retaliating, blocking the person, or filing a complaint.  Agree on steps to take if the strategy fails.  


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