Mrs. Ordono


Mrs. Ordono


Welcome to my class webpage! I hope that you find this information helpful, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me!
A little about Mrs. Ordono:

My name is Mrs. May Ordono and I am so excited to teach at Marlington Middle School. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the Philippines and a Master’s Degree in Education major in Special Education from Southwestern University. I hold an Ohio Teaching License in Special Education. Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending quality time with my family-dining out, strolling at the parks and seeing the world.

This school year, there will be lots of fun and learning as we target the year’s educational goals. I will appreciate all the support you may give as we work hand in hand for your child’s learning. I will be communicating with you through several modes. Students will have a take home folder for important school/class events, announcements and homeworks. I will also use an online communication tool (Class Dojo). I strongly believe that effective education is a partnership between the home and the school, so I encourage you to get involved in your child’s education. Throughout the year, we have lots of activities and events where you can participate and volunteer. Your involvement in your child’s education is highly significant for their success.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. You can email me at , through or call at (330) 823-7566.

I am thrilled to be starting on this year’s journey with my superstars, my students! I look forward to watching them learn, grow and have a fantastic time in Middle School!


Mrs. Ordono


Blizzard Bag Assignments!

In the event that we have a Blizzard Bag snow day, the following assignments will need to be completed and turned in for a grade when we return to school.You may choose the one listed below or you could go to and choose to do reading,math,science and social studies skills. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
For those who will choose mobymax:
* Go to
*username: first name
*password-: click on the image of the bus and apple
Day 1:
Language Arts:
-Listen to your RAZ story go to:
  • go to leveled books,click kids log in,type mordono0,select student name, enter password (student initials in capital letters ex: Mark Davis - MD)
-Choose three things from the Reado page and take notes on which three things you did
-Practice writing your spelling word cards on a paper.
-Complete problems and print off score for this activity  
Social Studies:
-Draw or write about the job you would like to have when you grow up. Write at least 3 sentences about it.
Day 2:
Language Arts:
-Read your RAZ story to someone.Follow log in directions from Day 1.
- Complete 3 things from the Reado page and take notes on which three things you did
-Write sentences using your words cards.
Go to  (username: first lastname; password: star).Play any math game.
Social Studies/Science:
Go to (username: first lastname; password: star).Play a game on environmental signs.
Day 3:
Language Arts:
-Listen to and then read your RAZ story on your own.Follow log in from Day 1.
-Take the quiz after reading  
- Complete 3 things from the Reado page and take notes on which three things you did. 
Math:Go to (username: first lastname; password: star).Play any math game.
Draw the weather today. Check the temperature and write the high and low.Draw or write about how to stay safe during today's weather. 
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