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Marlington Local Schools
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If you are going to use the video you downloaded in PowerPoint, there is one more step that needs to be completed to make the movie into a file that PowerPoint can understand. Locate the icon for iSquint on your dock and click to open the application. If you are unable to find iSquint in your dock, you may need to locate it in the Applications folder.

When iSquint opens, drag your downloaded video file and drop it on the section of the iSquint window that is labeled "Drag files below".

Do not change any of the settings for the video in the top right corner of the window. Once your video is in the list and your  are ready to convert the file, click "Start". If you still have your download window open after you click Start, you can see that iSquint is creating another file with a .mp4 extension right beside your .flv movie that you downloaded. This .mp4 file is the one that you will insert into PowerPoint.

After a short period of time, iSquint will present a dialog box notifying you that the Conversion is Complete.

At this point, you can close iSquint and you are ready to insert your movie into a PowerPoint presentation!

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