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Washington Elementary Musical

Rats! The Musical

Under the direction of Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Bowser and Mrs. Hart, sixty-five third, fourth and fifth graders are getting ready for their upcoming performances in the musical. This year the students will be performing the musical Rats! By Dave and Jean Perry.  In the musical, “Rats! The town of Hamelin is overrun with them and the citizens are in a tizzy until the mysterious Pied Piper appears, offering to solve the dilemma for a small fee.” In years past, the students have also performed The Hundred Year Snooze and The Emperor’s New Clothes. 

Interested third, fourth and fifth graders tried out and were casted for different parts in this year’s musical. These students stay after school to rehearse several times a week to learn the music and the choreography. After two months of hard work by the students and the directors, they will perform for their peers at school for a day time dress rehearsal. Then they will perform for two nights May 15th and 16th at 6pm for their family and friends in the Washington Gym. If you have a chance to come see one of the two performances, you will definitely be amazed by the students’ hard work and effort into creating an incredible musical. 

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