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I am happy to announce the districtwide launch of the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS- ARS. Thiprogram teaches students, teachers, and administrators hoto recognizwarning signs and signals, especially within social mediaoindividuals whmay be a threat tthemselves oothers anSaySomethinto a trusted adulOR use its anonymous reporting systemSpecificallythe program educates participants to:

• Recognizthe signs and signalof at-risk behaviors – especially within social media

• Take every sign and signal seriously; acquickltgehelbtalkinto a trusted adulOR

• Report it anonymouslthrougSS-ARS 24/7 Crisis Center, mobile appor website

• Responto anmanagthe submittetivia a multi-disciplinary educator and administrator teams

• Sustaithcurriculum and awareness via studenclubs, in-school activities ancall-to-actioweeks


Our studentoften are aware of the problems theipeers are facing, so wmust empower theto knothdanger signs angivthethtooltheleacothewitthe assistance of trained ancaring adults. Ayou know, most conversations are takinplace on social media, therefore iis critical that we teacour studenttblookinout foone another as these digital conversations are takinplace. SS-ARS teaches them what to look foitext, video anphotowhilempoweringtheto acquicklthelp a fellow student.


The SS-ARS program ibeinprovided througSandHooPromise (SHP), a nation-wide non-profiorganizationSHPprograms are i50 states – wit7,000+ schools anover 3.million students and adults trained. Thehave a track record, reputation, and knowledge ohoto work effectivelwith kids, parents, anteachers timprove school safety and cultureThprogram is age-appropriate and research-basedThey also have fundinto provide and sustaithe program at NCOStthe districtTdateSS-ARS anotheSHP preventioprogramhave helped stomultiple school shootings, suicides, anguthreats; reducebullying ancyberbullyinginterveneupocuttingdruuse, racial conflicts, anotheviolent anvictimization acts. We knothiprogram wildthe same fooudistrict.


Iyohave questionor concerns, please dnohesitattcalor emaime directly.



Joseph Knoll


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