Blizzard Bag #1


Blizzard Bag #1

Career Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry


Students are to research five career opportunities that interest them in the oil and gas industry. These may include “boots on the ground” jobs such as working on well pad and drilling site, or more indoors based positions such as serving as a public affairs representative, human resources director, or JIB accountant. Anything in between is fair game for job selection too!

For each career you are interested in, include the following information, typed according to Ms. Herrick’s writing guidelines. Assignment is due the Monday after the calamity day (example: no school on a Tuesday, assignment is due the following Monday). Assignments can be submitted by paper or uploaded onto Schoology located under the folder titled “Blizzard Bags”.

1)    Career Title

2)    Starting salary

3)    Cap salary (highest amount you can earn)

4)    The demand for this position

5)    Education requirements

6)    Experience Necessary 

7)    What colleges offer training for this career

8)    Include which one career interests you the most as an option and why.  

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