Blizzard Bag #2


Blizzard Bag #2

Social Issues in the Oil & Gas Industry


Although highly effective, the practice of hydraulic fracturing has come under fire by environmental advocates and politicians alike. With so many outlets (news, social media, online articles and videos) offering very different opinions about fracking, we are left to try to differentiate what’s fact or frivolous claims. To hear more on the benefits and consequences of hydraulic fracturing, go to the following links and watch the two YouTube videos:

For each of the questions below, put some thought into answering the questions based on the social issues associated with a particular topic like hydraulic fracturing. Type your answers according to Ms. Herrick’s writing guidelines. Assignment is due the Monday after the calamity day (example: no school on a Friday, assignment is due the upcoming Monday). Assignments can be submitted by paper or uploaded onto Schoology located under the folder titled “Blizzard Bags”.

  • What are some of the benefits that were discussed on the topic of hydraulic fracturing?
  • What are some of the negative effects that were discussed on the topic of hydraulic fracturing?
  • With so many differing views on a particular issue, how do we know which to believe?
  • Is there an issue with the transparency of what chemicals are in the mixture used for fracking? In other words, do we know enough about what chemicals go in to fracking, or are the manufacturing companies keeping too much from us?
  • You are driving a company brine truck that disposes of fracking water and decide to stop for lunch. While in the parking lot, a few people approach you about how fracking is contaminating their drinking water and they demand answers and a stop to it. While it would be easy to walk away and say nothing, you know you need to professionally represent your employer by providing some type of response. What would you say to these people about their concern?
  • What type of persuasive tactics did you notice in the videos that might sway your opinions one way or another on the issue of hydraulic fracturing?
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