Blizzard Bag #3


Blizzard Bag #3

Top Candidate for the Position Presentation


You are at a social lunch while in your last year of college (or high school) and notice the president of the company where your dream job exists (refer to blizzard bag #1, which career interested you most). You have the opportunity to speak with him for 5 minutes and sell yourself on why you’d be the best candidate for the position.

Prepare a 3-5 minute presentation on why you are the best candidate for the job, and come prepared Monday to present this “sell” of yourself to try to get the job. You will be presenting in front of the class. Elements of your presentation should include:

=      What position you are interested in

=      Speaking in a clear and concise manner

=      Making eye contact

=      What special qualifications you hold that make you an outstanding candidate

=      When you should follow-up with the company

=      How the company can get ahold of you for more questions

=      Other information you feel would increase your chances for hiring

No submission to Schoology or paper to hand in is required for this assignment.

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