Classroom Information


Classroom Information

Charlie has lots of information to share with you about our class.  Each Monday Charlie will send home a newsletter letting you know about the coming week.


Dear Parents,

     Welcome to Kindergarten and to room 101.  My name is Mrs. DelCalzo, and I will be your child’s teacher.  I am looking forward to a great year together.

       I am sorry that we cannot meet in person, but if you need anything please call me here at school (330 823 7550) or message me through class DoJo.


Supplies- Your child will need gym shoes.  We have gym  Mondays and Wednesdays.  These shoes cannot be left at school.  It is easiest to just wear tennis shoes on those days.

Please make sure your child has the things on the supply list.  Also, anything not on the list needs to be left at home.


Your child needs a bookbag EVERY day!  



         Breakfast is served here at school.  The price is $1.25.  Lunches run $2.60.  If your child needs to buy just milk, it is $.50. Please consider sending in a check or money to cover the week in a clearly marked sealed envelope.  The less money that comes to school the better! 


Clothing- Dress for the Weather, send options, and please LABEL!!!

We do go outside so please make sure your child has a variety of things to wear.  The weather also changes as well as the temperatures during the day.


Also, a word about masks…Masks are mandatory.   We will have mask breaks throughout the day.  Your child will need to have more than one mask in case of the mask becoming soiled or misplaced.  Please make sure each day begins with a CLEAN mask.


You might also want to consider sending in a change of clothes because things do get spilled and sometimes bathroom accidents happenJ.(We do have a bathroom in the room that is always available.)


Attendance- If your child is missing school a day, please call the office before 10:00 to let them know.  When your little one comes back to school, he/she needs to bring a written note explaining the absence.  (This is state law.)



Top Dog- Once a week, your child will have the opportunity to be our top dog.  They will bring home a sheet explaining what happens when they are top dog!


Show and Tell- We will be doing show and tell this year.  It will be more of a virtual show and tell.  More information will follow. 


Snacks and water bottles-

 All drinking fountains are closed at this time.  Your child will need a water bottle.  Please make sure that your little one has a reusable water bottle that is clearly labeled with his/her name.  This will come home each night to be washed.  Your child also needs to have a snack each day.


(If your child is a packer, please make sure that he or she KNOWS which is a snack and which is lunchJ Also, please make sure your child knows if he or she is to get a tray, that the food in the bookbag is just for snack time!!)


Behavior plan-

 We have a color system.  If your little one makes good choices to follow our school/classroom rules, he or she stays green.  At the end of the day, he/she gets to come to treasure chest.

If it has been a tough day, and yellow choices were made, it is a warning but there is no treasure chest.  It just is to let you know the day was a little rough!(Everyone has those days, not a big deal!)

If the color is red, then I will call you or message you through class DOJO.


Each night your little one will bring home an orange folder with a colored calendar so that you know about the day.  It also has special events on the calendar.   Please sign the day so that I know that you have seen it.  It comes back to school every morning.


We also have a message system called Class DOJO.   I will explain more about this during our first week or two of school.  You will need to download the App or go to the website, and I will send you an invite either through email or text message.


It is going to be a great year-  As always, if you need anything or have a question please call.  You and I are a team,  and we both want your child’s year to be filled with laughter, fun, and lots of learning.
















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