Mr. Groff


Mr. Groff


Mr. Groff

Hello, my name is Mr. Groff, and welcome to my website!

My Info: 
I hail from the Sandy Valley area from a small town called Waynesburg. 

I graduated from Sandy Valley High School in 2005. 

I then attended Ohio University with a major in Integrated Science Education Gr: 7-12.
If you would like to contact me, use the email shown below:


I teach three classes here at the High School: 

  • Biology: This course investigates the composition, diversity, complexity, and interconnectedness of life on Earth. Fundamental concepts of heredity and evolution provide a framework through inquiry-based instruction to explore the living world, the physical environment, and the interactions within and between them. 
  • Geology: Physical geology incorporates chemistry, physics, and environmental science and introduces students to key concepts, principles, and theories within geology. Investigations are used to understand and explain the behavior of nature in a variety of inquiry and design scenarios that incorporate scientific reasoning, analysis, communication skills, and real-world applications. 
  • Honors Physics: Physics elaborates on the study of the key concepts of motion, forces, and energy as they relate to increasingly complex systems and applications that will provide a foundation for further study in science and scientific literacy. 
I am a member of: 
  • Marlington Building Leadership Team (BLT): We focus on improving the schools through collaboration with its staff.

  • Marlington Positive Behavioral Intervention Group (PBIS): We focus on using positive approaches to reinforce good behaviors and choices amongst our students by developing and using different intervention strategies. 

  • The Ohio Blended Collaborative (OBC): An online curriculum building consortium that creates class curricula for the use across the state by others with the main focus being on Universal Designed Learning (UDL).
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