Marlington Board of Education - Special Meeting
Starting 3/26/2020 at 7:00 PM
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To help the Board stay in compliance with the Ohio Sunshine Law during this difficult time, the meeting will be livestreamed on the district website.  Additionally, the meeting will be limited to the number of attendees allowable per the guidance of the  Governor of the State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health (no more than 10 people) which will consist of the members of the Board of Education, the administrative team, presenters from Plug Smart, and necessary support staff.  The meeting content will be limited to essential board business.  Any attendees over an above the maximum limit will be asked to leave due to the current mandate.   

                The purpose of this meeting is for the following: 
                  -  Plug Smart Presentation (no action)
                  -  Review and discuss the Plug Smart Presentation (Action may be taken)
                  -  Approval of Minutes for March 5, 2020  (Action will be taken)
                  -  Approval of Financial Resolutions  (Action will be taken)
                  -  Approval of Amended Appropriations (Action will be taken)
                  -  Approval of Amounts and Rates  (Action will be taken)
                  -  Recommendation to limit the number of attendees to  10 as per the guidance of the Governor of the State of Ohio.                            (Action will be taken)
                  -  Recommendation to hold the meeting in a location (DLZ) that allows room enough for attendees to socially distance                          themselves from each other. (Action will be taken)    
Marlington High School DLZ Youtube Live
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