Snow Day Lesson Plans


Snow Day Lesson Plans

Career Opportunities in Agriculture/ Natural Resources


Students are to research 5 career opportunities in agriculture and natural resources. This may include careers as far as a vet, agronomist, arborist, nutritionist, wildlife officer, and etc.  At least 1 job must include science-related research. Research must include:

Career Title

Starting salaries

Cap salary (highest amount you can earn)

The demand for this position

Education requirements

Experience Necessary 

What colleges offer these career areas
Also include which one interests you the most as a career option and why.  
Go to this link and watch the video (should be "Some Food for Thought"). After you have watched the video write a 1 page reflection on how you feel after watching the video, how this as impacted you, and also your opinion on the video. 
Research John Derre a person who greatly impacted agriculture. In this research answer the questions of  1. Who is John Deere? 2. What did he study? 3. How has he made an impact in society on today's agriculturalist? 4. What are 5 other facts about Fritz Haber and his success? 5. What are other areas he has researched? 
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