Websites for at Home


Websites for at Home

Websites for at Home

Reading/Language Arts

abcya - This is a great website with lots of games for Reading and Math.  Give it a try! 

The Alphabet's In My Mouth - Learn the letter sounds by singing along with Dr. Jean. Thank you Dr. Jean for permission to post your song here for my students!

Starfall - The Starfall learn-to-read website is offered free as a public service.  Primarily designed for first grade, is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade. It includes stories to read, interactive games and activities, printable worksheets, and more.

Stories - This website is based on the PBS series "Between the Lions". There are 70 stories to read online. Each story leads into an adventure of related games.

PBS Games - interactive games great for first grade and kindergarten. They are all related to phonics and beginning reading skills.

Monkey Business - Put the words in order to make a sentence bridge for the monkey to cross.

Letter Blends - Choose the picture that matches the blend at the beginning.

Missing Letters - Choose the missing letter to complete the CVC word.
ABCya - The site has some great games to choose from in both reading and math!
Funbrain - This site has some great games to choose from in both reading and math!




Handwriting - This website has some great tips and ideas, as well as materials for purchase, that can help those struggling handwriters.

Dr. Seuss Storymaker - This site is excellent for creating new stories.  Students establish a setting, characters, music and type in the words the characters speak.  The story then plays for the student.


Alien Math = This is a fun arcade type game that practices addition facts.
Addtion Fact Practice = This is a GREAT site for practicing addition facts in a timed manner.
Math Practice Games =   This site offers excellent practice games.  Many of them are timed.
Addition PracticeAddition is the topic of these math games.  Practice for fluency is the name of the game!

Math Playground - This site is a great way to practice the common core standards through interactive math games.  The content is all from the math common core.

Splat Square - This website is the hundreds block where the students can use the splats to show the patterns as well as counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. - This site is great for measuring and comparing the size of fish using nonstandard forms of measurement.Fish Tales

Harcourt Math (Measurement) - This website is great for measuring items using paper clips.  It is interactive and loads of fun.

Odd & Even - Drag the numbers to the correct space in the circles showing which number is odd and which is even.

Crazy Cone - This is a great way for practicing math facts of addition.  Great for K-2.

Just for Fun

Polar Express - This site is really for the movie, but since the movie correlates so well with the book, the site provides enrichment for the book also. It takes some exploring to find all the fun activities. There is alot there. At the boy's house you can build a snowman. In the Engine room - play concentration (see what happens when you loose!!!). You can download an activity book and print it out (inside the tunnel). On Ice Lake use the snowflake generator then go to North Pole City and the square where you can watch a clip from the movie.

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