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NWEA MAP Family Toolkit

Your student will be taking MAP® Growth™ tests from NWEA® on an iPad. MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth in reading and math. Teachers use results to tailor classroom lessons and set goals for students. Click here to view the NWEA MAP Family Toolkit for more information.


Please read the following for an update on important information and upcoming events at Marlington High School. 

Senior Exams

Underclassmen Final Exams



  • June 6, 7 and 8

  • Students are not permitted to take their exams early

    • If your student will not be here, notify the school to schedule a makeup date

    • Missed Exams (no shows) result in an automatic FAILURE for the semester course

  • Underclassmen Exam Permission Form.pdf


Baccalaureate is a spiritual graduation ceremony held for the class of 2023. This year it is being organized by the FCA leaders and senior students. 

 Our baccalaureate ceremony will be held Thursday, June 1 at 7:00PM at Robertson Kitchen and Bath Gallery on Main Street in Alliance. Graduates should plan on arriving at 6:30PM with their cap and gowns.

Class of 2023 Graduation

School Fees

  • School fee balances can be viewed on the Home Access Center.

  • School fees can be paid online at This link may be found on our website under the “Parent” tab.

  • All school fees must be paid to attend Prom and graduation

School Fees

  • School fee balances can be viewed on the Home Access Center.

  • School fees can be paid online at This link may be found on our website under the “Parent” tab.

  • All school fees must be paid to attend Prom and Graduation

CCP and Students in an Online Course

  • If your student is enrolled in a CCP class, or an online high school class, they will not have a grade on their report card for the third marking period. These grades are only reported at the end of the semester.

  • If your student is also an athlete, and taking one of these classes, the grade they have in their CCP or online class on March 24 will be used to determine eligibility for the fourth marking period.

Scheduling for 2023/2024 School Year

  • Counselors were in English classes the week of March 6th for students to request their classes online. If your student does not have an English class counselors called them down separately to schedule. 

  • Please review the shared graduation plan on google drive for your student(s) that Mrs. Joyce or Mrs. Arrington shared with you last year. Please reach out to them if you have any questions.

  • As a reminder for athletic eligibility, in order to be eligible to participate in any interscholastic extracurricular activities, students in grades 7-12 must receive a passing grade in a minimum of five (5) one credit courses, or the equivalent, which counts toward graduation (Physical Education does not count).

Athletic Eligibility

  • The second semester began on Monday, January 23rd

  • In order to be eligible to participate in any interscholastic extracurricular activities, students in grades 7-12 must receive a passing grade in a minimum of five (5) one credit courses, or the equivalent, which counts toward graduation (Physical Education does not count)

    • Students enrolled in College Credit Plus classes please see Mr. Miller or your school counselor

  • Eligibility for next fall will be based on grades from this year’s 4th marking period (ending on June 8th, 2023)


  • On the MHS website, click on Yearbook on the left side

    • Click on the “Don’t let the memories fade away” icon

    • This will lead you directly to Josten’s website for purchasing MHS yearbooks

    • Sales close at the end of the school year

College Credit Plus

  • Stark State and Kent State started online classes on January 17th. If your student is taking an online CCP class, make sure that your student checks their blackboard and/or flashline account to make sure the course is listed on their course list. If the course is not listed in blackboard and/or flashline, they are not registered for the course. The process for signing up for an online CCP course (through the college) is as follows: 

    • Meet with Mr. Trenger to discuss what course would like to be taken online 

    • Mr. Trenger will fill out an enrollment form for the student to send in to Ryan Palmer at Stark State

    • The student MUST email the form to Ryan Palmer at Stark State otherwise they are not enrolled. 

  • Mr. Trenger is at Marlington every Thursday and has been accepting scheduling appointments all year to help students get registered for courses

CCP Information

  • Remember to have your student fill out the Intent Form if interested in taking a CCP course next school year. This MUST have been completed by April 1st, 2023 by the State of Ohio otherwise you will be shut out of taking a CCP course. This form has to be completed every school year. 

  • Follow the CCP flow chart (attached to this email) to follow the necessary steps to be ready to take CCP. 

  • If your student did not take the accuplacer with us on December 8th, they will need to register to take it at Stark State on their own time. Accuplacer scores are valid for two years.

Career Tech Programs for 23/24 School Year

  • Marlington sophomores toured all Career Tech programs at Marlington and Alliance High School on November 30. We encourage you to have conversations as a family about your career interests and how you think a CTE program may be helpful to your career plans.

  • If you have any general questions about CTE, you are welcome to email Mr. Miller at

  • To apply for a Career Tech program, students must submit the Application by Wednesday, December 21, 2022 

  • The selection process for sophomores who applied to a Career Tech program by the 12/21/22 deadline will begin in February

Mentoring Program

  • In partnership with the Marlington Alumni Association, we are looking to connect students with experienced Marlington alumni to offer career guidance and support

  • Once a month we are hosting Career Talks, with alumni who have signed up through the MAA, to expose our students to different career paths.

  • Our first presentation was today, during Academic Assist. Please have a conversation with your student about the mentoring program, or career talk, and visit for more information.

  • If interested in being assigned a mentor, students should visit the following website and complete the mentee questionnaire.

Attention Parents of Senior Students

  • If your student is going to graduate with an associates degree through Stark State by May 2023, please contact Mrs. Joyce at m_joyce@marlingtonlocal.orgThere is paperwork that your student needs to fill out for Stark State by January 6th. The process of obtaining an associates degree would have already been in the works with Mr. Trenger.
  • Mrs. Joyce sent you an email on Thursday, 10/20, specifically about FAFSA information
  • Our school counselors, Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Arrington, sent you an email on Wednesday, 9/28, with important information about seniors such as:
    • Senior meetings, graduating with honors, FAFSA, College Applications, Letters of Recommendation, Scholarships and Records Requests

    • Please read this email closely for important details


  • Make sure your student is checking Marlington's scholarship page for a list of local scholarships available. 

SENIORS! Cap & Gown/Announcements Delivery
Jostens orders were delivered on THURSDAY, MARCH 16. If you were not able to pick your order up on delivery day, please see Mrs. Mitchell in the main office.
Questions?  Please contact our Jostens representative:
Phone: Rich Petro (330) 877-4700


Senior "group" Pictures Needed

  • Send in your student’s “group” pictures from elementary, middle or high school years

  • Pictures will be displayed on tvs around the high school and also shared for the senior slideshow. 

    • Please submit all slideshow pictures by April 24

  • Please send all photos to

Transcript Request: 

If your student needs a transcript sent somewhere please fill out the transcript request link on our website and Mrs. Goodwin will send their transcript. 



If your student wants to attend a college or university be sure to fill out the FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) to see if you qualify for assistance. 


Free & Reduced Lunch Waiver

  • You can now fill your Free/Reduced meal application from This link may be found on our website under the “Parent” tab.

  • Under Menu, click on Free/Reduced Meal Application, to start filling your application

  • This interactive application will guide you through the application process, provide a determination letter and/or your district can message you if they need any additional information.

  • If you would like to apply using a paper application, your student can get one from the high school, on the wall, across from the main office

Student Breakfast

  • Breakfast is free to all students and served in the cafeteria from 7:30 a.m. - 7:40 a.m. 

Student Absences

  • Please remember to call the attendance office and call your student off if they are absent. 

    • 330-823-1300 EXT 4241

  • Student’s must turn in a note from their parent or doctor’s excuse upon returning to school.

  • All absences will remain unexcused until we have a note on file in the attendance office. 

Online Forms

  • All students need to have online forms completed for the 22/23 school year. If you have not yet completed the online forms for your student, please do so as soon as possible. To do so, please check your email for information related to the following:

  • Please remember that all online forms need to be completed, and the $25 insurance fee paid before your student can bring their iPad home from school. 

Fees/Tech Fund Charge/Insurance 

  • iPad Technology Fund Charge = $25 (this charge does not qualify to be waived)

  • iPad Insurance Charge (optional) = $25 (must be paid in order to take the iPad home)

  • Payment may be sent with your child to school or you may pay with your debit/credit card (starting on August 15th) on This link may be found on our website under the “Parent” tab.

Home Access Center

  • The Home Access Center, or HAC, allows parents to view their student’s academic progress online. We would like all families to be able to use the Home Access Center. If you are unable to access HAC click on the following link and submit the form. Assistance will be provided to you soon. 

  • Home Access Center Help Form

  • Missing assignment reports will be emailed home on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. 

Parking Passes

  • All students who drive to Marlington High School must purchase a parking permit. The cost of a parking permit is $20. MHS parking permits are honored at Alliance High School, for Career Tech students. 

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Jun 4

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Tue Jun 6 2023
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Jun 8

End of 4th Marking Period

Thu Jun 8 2023
Jun 8

Last Day for Students

Thu Jun 8 2023

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