Superintendent's Message


Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Welcome


Marlington Families,

As we move Marlington forward into the 2022-2023 school year, we recognize the importance of who our students are today. Whether they're a first grader experiencing school for the first time, a middle schooler learning more complex subjects, or a senior planning for a future after high school, the moments each of our students experience while in Marlington schools will help define whom they can become long after. This includes the interests they pursue, the habits they create and the friendships they forge.

At Marlington Local Schools, we work to ensure our students are in the safest, most nurturing environment we can create so they have the freedom and support they need to become the best versions of themselves. Only when every student can look back on their day, school year or academic career and say they took every opportunity available to them, and those opportunities made them better, can we say we have accomplished our goals as educators.

But our responsibility to our students goes hand in hand with our duties to our district and community. And we take those responsibilities seriously, for if we were not fiscally prudent with our taxpayers' money, we wouldn't be able to provide the care for our students they deserve.

This school year allows us to continue adapting and implementing necessary security and health-safety measures. We've worked with local law enforcement and health officials to create a learning environment that best suits our needs and prepares us for any modifications that may be necessary.

With so much that has gone on over the last two to three years, it's essential that we remind our students how important it is for them to cherish every moment of their time at Marlington Local Schools. As a district, we will continue to do our part to ensure they are in a safe and healthy environment that not only supports them but encourages them to blaze their own trails, an environment that drives them to be their best.

Every Minute. Every Moment. Every Memory.

Let's cherish them all. Together.


Daniel Swisher


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