Helpful Tips When Working At Home


Helpful Tips When Working At Home

Helpful Tips

On this page you will find some helpful information when you are completing your work for Dukes Digital Academy classes on your own computer. Below are some "Tips for Success" when working in an online learning environment. Check out the links on the right side of this page for additional resourses. 

Set course goals-- What you would like to take away from the course and the online learning experience.? Why did you choose to take an online class? Set course goals to help you create a road map to success. Use the online courses and learning opportunity effectively.

Become familiar-- Spend some time at the beginning to become familiar with the learning management system and the course you are taking. It is important to know the practices and expectations of each online course you are taking. If there is an orientation video be sure to view it. Make sure you understand how to navigate the learning management system and know how to access and submit your work.

Manage your time-- Time management is a must in online learning. Create a pacing schedule for each course that will help you stay on track. Most classes will have examples already available so be sure to take advantage of those. Refer it these pacing schedules frequently to be sure you are not falling behind in your coursework.

Participate--You may have opportunities to participate with other students and instructors during course activities. This is a great way to virtually interact with others and can be great practice for skills you will need for a career and/or in other college courses.

Have a dedicated study/work space—Having a dedicated space where you work on your online courses could help you avoid interruptions. Interruptions can be very distracting and can make it harder to stay on track. 

Ask for help—If you are unsure about something in your online course, ask for help. A good rule to follow is if you can’t figure it out after 5 minutes, ask someone to help you. Online teachers, technology personnel and online learning coordinators are great resources when you are not sure of something. 

Stay Motivated-- Online learning takes a lot of personal effort from students. It is important to stay motivated and engaged in your coursework. Remain positive about your online learning opportunities. Create a positive learning environment, this will help you stay motivated to complete your work.


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