Mr. Cernansky


Mr. Cernansky

 Hello, I am Mr. Cernansky. This is my 20th year teaching at Marlington Middle School. I currently teach 7th grade math and have been for 16 years. I am the 8th grade football coach, JV boys basketball coach, and high school track coach. I look forward to working in the blended learning classroom and allowing students to have resources available to them at any time!

All assignments, tests/quizzes, and other classroom information can be find on our Schoology page. Please visit Schoology and log in with your student username.

Blizzard Bags will be found on the Schoology Math course assigned to you. There will be a folder named "Blizzard Bags". Please do not complete the Blizzard Bags until an updated is posted on Schoology and you are assigned this work. *The Blizzard Bags and attachments are also listed on the right side of my page in case Schoology is down or the assignments cannot be found.*

To view all assignments, please go to Schoology and refer to the weekly checklist.


Snow Day #1

On both worksheets: Practice and Apply, all problems #1-18. Show work for all problems.

Snow Day #2

First, you will complete Order of Operations Worksheet. Work out each operations using PEMDAS. Circle your final answer. Hint: Solve the parenthesis inside the parenthesis first (4+(4 x 2)) -->solve (4 x 2) first which is 8, then solve the outside parenthesis (4 + 8) which is 12. Complete all problems on the worksheet.

Next, you will complete thePercent of What Numberworksheet. You may either print the worksheet off to complete, or copy your information on to a separate sheet of paper. Use proportions to solve for the number. is/of = %/100. Complete all problems on the worksheet.
Snow Day #3

You will need to work on theProbability matching worksheet #1-7 all. To solve for the percent, you must first find the fraction of the event happening, then turn the fraction into a decimal, and then turn the decimal into a percent. This is all matching. You can either print the worksheet off and write the answers next to the correct number on the worksheet, or you may solve the problems and write the letter next to the correct number on a separate sheet of paper. You must show work for all 7 problems!

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