Mr. Digby


Mr. Digby

Mr. Digby - Tech Integration

Hello! My name is Mr. Digby and I am the Technology Integration Assistant at Marlboro Elementary. I graduated from the University of Mount Union in 2020, and then completed my M.Ed in Athletic Coaching in 2022 also from Mount Union. I am married to my amazing wife Savannah for almost a year. I have been involved in technology for 6 years, and this is my 2nd year as a Tech Assistant at Marlboro.

I also am an Assistant Coach on the High School Girls Track and Field team where I work with sprints, jumps, and relays. Coaching is my passion and I love the ability to work with the kids at Marlington. I competed in track and field while at Mount winning multiple National Championships, and also competed on the USA Paralympic Team from 2015-2019, including the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

I love sports, with Indycar racing, football, track, and sled hockey being among my favorites. My hobbies include doing puzzles with my wife, playing games on my custom built PC, NFL Draft scouting, and watching football.

As a double below knee amputee from a year old after a birth defect, I have grown up with some challenges most kids don't face, but find a way to adapt and live a very normal life. I like to use my disability to show the kids what is possible in life, give them someone 'different' than them to see daily, and use some of my experiences to educate and motivate them. One of my favorite quotes, from Pokemon incidentally, is very applicable to mine and all situations. 

"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." - Mewtwo
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