MHS Scheduling 2022-2023

*The form will only be open at semester changes and the allotted time for schedule changes in August. If you have any questions please contact your counselor.  


Scheduling Overview Video for 2022-2023 school year

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Student course requests influence allocation decisions (i.e., offered classes) for the following year. Students will receive their 2022-2023 schedule in August. 

Schedule adjustments will only be made during the first week of each semester if:
1. A student’s schedule does not meet grade level or graduation requirements.
2. A student’s schedule does not reflect requested courses (i.e., computer error).
3. A student did not pass a class that is a prerequisite for another class.
4. A teacher, counselor or administrator identifies necessary level changes for a student.

Students who choose to drop a class after two weeks into the semester will receive a failing grade. The grade of “WF” (withdraw fail) will be placed on the transcript at the end of the semester. A student who chooses to drop a full year class at the semester will also receive a WF that will be placed on their transcript. 

If you have questions about our Gifted Services please visit the website 

Gifted Education 

Service - Non-Participation Notification

If the parent/guardian of an identified gifted student(s) does not receive notice of a Written Education Plan for gifted services – the student is not considered served at this time. Schedule adjustments at the semester may change this determination. Student(s) may not be participating in gifted services for a variety of reasons.  

Any of the following reasons may apply:

-the student’s and/or parents’ chose not to participate in gifted service(s) course/program offered

-a service/course is not offered

-student may be taking other courses of interest in non-identified areas in place of identification

-the student met HS graduation requirements in a particular identification area

MLSD makes every effort to meet needs of each student by offering varied options within the school day on and off campus including Enriched Courses, Honors Courses, College Credit Plus(CCP) courses, and/or Duke Digital Academy and online learning.  While gifted service in the state of Ohio is designated as occurring during the school day, MLSD, additionally, offers many extra-curricular opportunities to meet students’ interests. Please see specific building level Extra-Curricular Offerings. 

If you have any questions, please contact the MLSD Gifted Coordinator via Special Services 330 823 7453


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