Parent Information


Parent Information

Parent Information


You will need to provide supplies listed on the supply list.   We will have gym on Wednesday and Friday.  Please make sure your child has gym shoes for gym days.  All other supplies will be at school.  Please do not send extra supplies for your child.
Breakfast will be provided for students free of charge from September to December.  After December it will be $1.50.  Lunches can be purchased for $2.75.  Milk only can be purchased for $.60.  If you wish to purchase extras, you are welcome to do so.  Please send in a note if your child plans to purchase any extras.   Money can be added to your child’s account using the “Pay School Central” mobile app or money/check (made payable to Marlboro Cafeteria) can be sent to school.  Please put any money in a sealed envelope or Ziploc bag clearly marked with your CHILD’S NAME and WHAT IT IS FOR.  

Please send appropriate clothing for the weather.  We go outside in various weather conditions.   Boots, mittens, and hats are necessary winter articles.  Also, please do not send a note saying, “Keep my child indoors for recess,” as we cannot leave a child by him/herself in the classroom.

It is very important that all clothing and school materials have your child’s name on them.

All personal Toys and electronics must stay at home unless we have a special day for show and tell, which will be communicated to you.
WATER BOTTLES                  

Your child is expected to bring a water bottle to use at school.  We can refill water bottles at school. Please use leak proof water bottles and fill them with WATER ONLY.  Water bottles will go home daily to be cleaned and refilled.   

You are welcome to send a treat on your child’s birthday.  Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher PRIOR to sending in birthday treats.  ALL treats MUST be prepackaged and store bought.  Homemade birthday treats will NOT be accepted.  Non-food items are also a great option!  If your child has a summer birthday, we will choose an unbirthday so your child can still celebrate with us.  We will recognize all August birthdays the first month of school and June and July summer birthdays at the end of the school year.  
SCHOOL HOURS                   

School begins at 8:25 a.m.  No students are permitted in the building before 8:25 unless they are using latchkey services.   Tardy bell rings at 8:40 a.m.  All students will be dismissed at 3:10.  

Parents dropping off or picking up students will use the far west
driveway.  Cars are not permitted on the loop in front of the school at this time.  Please do not line up on the road if waiting in pickup line.  Use Cutty’s parking lot across the street if needed.  Please send a detailed note regarding any change in your child’s routine the day of the change whether it be going to latchkey, riding home in a car, or riding the bus.  

When your child is being dropped off by the bus after school, an adult must be visible or your child will be returned to school and you will have to come pick him/her up.  When your child is boarding or exiting the bus it is very important that he/she watch and follow the bus drivers signals and stand far enough away from the bus to see the bus driver and his/her signals.  backpacks should be free of dangling material that can be caught and no breakables are permitted on the bus.
SCHOOL FEES             

This year’s fees are $30.00.   School fees can be paid using the “Pay School Central” mobile app or a check made payable to Marlboro Elementary.  

All school forms are filled out electronically.   Forms are located at

Please be sure to provide us with this information immediately if you did not do so already.  The state requires these immunizations for your child to stay in school.

Your child will be expected to complete Math, Fundations, and Poetry notebook homework throughout the school year.  Please check Duke Pride Folders coming home each night for any homework assignments.  Students will earn trips to the treasure chest throughout the year if they are completing and returning all their homework.           

If your child is ill and needs to miss school please call them off using the 
phone number:  330-935-2469.   If your child is feeling ill, sore throats, stomach issues, or anything else, please be cautious in sending him/her to school. Please wait 24 hours before sending your child to school if he/she has experienced vomiting or had a fever. This will help your child recover quicker and limit the amount of absences for other students. If your child was seen by a doctor, please bring the physician's note to school.  When your child returns to school he/she needs to bring a signed note stating their name, date(s) absent and the reason for their absence.   
All prescription and non-prescription medications need to be brought to the office by an adult with the proper paperwork.  All paperwork can be found at under the “parents” tab.  Even cough drops need to be dropped off by an adult with a non-prescription form filled out.  Please contact the school with any questions.


At this time for the safety of students and staff parent volunteers are required to complete a volunteer packet in the office.  Parents are permitted in the building to eat lunch with their child.  Parents eating lunch with students at school are not able to bring other children into the building at this time and no outside food is permitted.  Any visitors/volunteers coming into the building will be required to get their photo ID scanned at the office before entering.  
REPORT CARDS          

Report cards are found online.  

I am looking forward to a wonderful year together.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.  The school number is 330-935-2469. My email is [email protected] or you can reach me via Class Dojo.

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