Snow Day Lessons


Snow Day Lessons

Kindergarten Snow Day 1 Lesson Plans




1.  Write the numbers 0-10.

2.  Draw a set to match each number.





1.  Choose 2 alphabet letters.

2.  Write three words that begin with that letter.

3.  Illustrate a picture to go with each word.


Kindergarten Snow Day 2 Lesson Plans



1.  Draw a picture of your family.

2.  How many legs are there all together?

3.  How many heads are there all together?

4.  How many fingers are there all together?





1.  Look through the window and draw a picture of what you see.

2.  Write two sentences describing what you see. 


Kindergarten Snow Day 3 Lesson Plans




Ms. Rovnak has one dog, and Mrs. Kuntzman has 5 cats.

1.    How many pets do the teachers have all together?

2. Who has the most?

3. Who has the least?




1. Have an adult read a story to you.

2. Illustrate a picture about the characters and setting.

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