WebQuests are a way for students to learn information and then utilize the information in a number of different ways.  The children get very involved in these WebQuests and really enjoy reading the new information.

I designed the WebQuests found on this page.  Some were created for major projects I had to complete during my Master's Program at Kent State University.  They had to be useful to the grade level and content that I was teaching at the time.  Some of the others that you see I created because it's something I love doing.


 Government Webquest

This webquest explores information about our United States Government, as well as, the local government in the Lexington Township and Alliance, (Stark County), Ohio area.

Bats! Beneficial or Nuisance? (Developed for third grade)

Ohio Animals WebQuest(Developed for second grade).  This WebQuest meets the following Ohio Standards/Indicators. 
Science Standard 2: Life Sciences

    Indicators:I can explain that people and animals need air, water, nutrients, food, living space and light to survive.
                           I can explain why organisms can survive only in environments that meet their needs.
                      I can compare similarities and differences of the same kind of plants and animals.
                           I can investigate the different structures of plants and animals that help them live in different environments.  (lung, gills,
                            leaves, roots)
                           I can compare the different habitats of Ohio plants and animals and ways animalssurvive by eating plants or other animals
                            that eat plants.
                           I can compare the activities of Ohio’s common animals (squirrels, chipmunk, deer, butterflies, bees, ants, bats and frogs)
                            during the different seasons by describing changes in their behaviors and body covering. (fur, color...)

The Olympics (Developed for third grade, February, 2010).  This WebQuest looks at the history of the Olympics.

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