School Counselor


School Counselor




 Hi there! I am Mrs. Davis, school counselor at Washington and Marlboro elementary schools. I spend time each week at both schools and I work with students in a variety of ways. Please reach out if you think I can be beneficial in assisting your student at school! 

I foster relationships with students by saying hello in the hallways, meeting with students for specific help, or having lunch together. Students love to have social lunches!! Social lunches are small group lunches that help foster positive interactions and these are held in my classroom. I also spend time in all classrooms monthly for character building lessons which are called Word of the Month (WOM). 

Relationship building is very important to connect with students and for social emotional learning (SEL) which assists in understanding and regulating emotions. Relationship building also helps students feel comfortable talking with me to discuss concerns or to ask for help with anything that is causing a barrier to learning. I am here to support staff and Marlington families, as well. Let me know how I can help!!


The best ways to contact me are:

Via email at:  [email protected]
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