Mrs. Cook


Mrs. Cook


Welcome to the music room!
Mrs. Cook, Music Teacher
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Students will…

  • Read and perform rhythms maintaining a steady beat.
  • Use their singing voice with a clear, light tone.
  • Develop pitch relationship using the solfege system (do re mi fa sol la ti do).
  • Name and play classroom instruments with good technique (i.e. woodblock, hand drum, xylophone, recorder)
  • Sing, play and move in ensemble with others.
  • Create and improvise their own musical ideas using their knowledge of music.
  • Respond to music in movement
  • Listen to and perform music of a variety of styles, cultures and historical periods.
  • Learn about composers and their music (i.e. Beethoven, Mozart, Copland, Rodgers and Hammerstein)
  • Build a list of songs they know and can sing, songs that are woven into the culture around them (i.e. patriotic songs, holiday songs, folk songs, lullabies, children’s rhymes)
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