Mr. Dillon


Mr. Dillon

Hello, My name is Mr. Dillon and I am the Physical Education teacher at Washington Elementary. This is my 28th year at Marlington. I have been married to my wife Jenn for 23 Years.  We have 2 daughters (Abbey 19 and Maleah 13). Abbey is a freshman at Ohio Dominican in Columbus and is playing golf for the Panthers.  Maleah is in 7th grade and runs cross country and plays basketball at Tusky Valley.  Please email me with any of your questions. 

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Snow Day #1

I hope you all have a good day off today!  I am going to make this simple enough for everyone Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  As you all know it is important to keep active even on days like today..  We are going to start off with some of the stretches we do in class:
1.  While sitting down keep your feet together and touch your toes.  Remember legs straight and count for 7 seconds.
2.  Feet apart and touch the floor.
3.  Butterfly Stretch.  Push down with your elbows.
4.  Stand up and do Big Arm Circles (Forwards and Backwards).
5.  Arm Across the Chest
6.  One Foot Keep Your Balance
7.  Hurdler Stretch
8.  5 Sit ups:  Put your feet under the edge of a couch to hold them down.
9.  5 Push ups:  Make sure your back is straight and bend those arms.
10. 10 Jumping Jacks!!
Now look at a clock and time yourself running in place for 2 minutes.  Stay in 1 place and don't run around the house.
If there is a lot of snow outside go out and shovel the walk or driveway.  This will really get the heart rate going.
Have a good Day!!!!
Mr. Dillon

Snow Day #2

Hard to believe that this is our 7th day off!!  We will continue to work on stretches that all Grades K-5 work on in class.  The stretching that we do daily will help you throughout your lifetime and hopefully will cut down on injuries later in life:
Sitting Down:
Straight leg stretch
Feet apart and go down to each foot
Butterfly Stretch
Stand Up:  
Arm across your chest
Elbow back behind your Head
One foot keep your balance
Hurdler Stretch
7 Sit Ups
7 Push Ups
15 Jumping Jacks
Help your parents or guardians by shoveling the walk or driveway again today.  If it is too cold or no snow then Run in Place for 5 minutes today or use the treadmill if available.
Have a great day!!!

Snow Day #3

Really,  We have another day off??  I cannot believe this is day #8.  Once again we will stretch for all grades K-5.  Make sure that you do these correctly.  You should feel a little pulling while stretching....
Sitting Down:
Feet apart and touch the floor
Right leg and Left leg
Stand Up:
Big arm circles forwards and backwards
Little arm circles forwards and backwards
Feet apart and touch the floor
One foot keep your balance
Hurdler stretch
10 Sit Ups
10 Push Ups
20 Jumping Jacks
Run in place for 5 minutes or use the Treadmill if you have 1.  Shovel the walkway again.  Clean up your room!!  Your parents are always telling you that.  Mr. Knoll will be proud of you as well..
Have a great day!!
Mr. Dillon
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