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Ms. Spalding

Ms. Spalding

Welcome to second grade, I'm Ms Splading! I'm looking forward to getting to know your child this year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. It is best to reach through the email link provided below! 

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Snow Days

Snow Day Activities:


Day 1

Watch a movie or TV show.  Write the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end of the program you watched.  Use complete sentences.

Create a timeline of your day. Please include 5-7 events.

Look out your window. Make a list of nouns that you see. List at least 10.


Day 2

Create an acrostic poem using either the word   WINTER  or  SNOWFLAKE.  

Read a non-fiction book. Write the title and 3 facts you learned using complete sentences.

Graph or chart the snowfall every hour for 6 hours. You must go to the same spot each time.


Day 3

Collect 3 separate cups of snow in 3 separate containers. Place the containers in 3 different locations throughout your house. (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) Predict which one will melt first and write it on a piece of paper. Once each container has melted, did your prediction prove to be correct? Explain why it did or did not melt first. Use complete sentences.

Go on a scavenger hunt around the house and make a list of things that begin with "S" as in SNOW!

Write a paragraph of things you enjoy doing in the snow. Your paragraph must include 4-5 sentences. Upon completion, illustrate your paragraph.

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