Mrs. McGuire


Mrs. McGuire

Digital Media/Photography

Course Description: This course is designed to supply students with a basic skill set and knowledge of art and design seen through a digital lens. Students will gain a basic understanding use of digital tools such as Photoshop Elements and iMovie. These tools will help us learn how to properly manipulate digital images. Several skills apply to real world applications and jobs will be instructed during this semester. You will also learn how to properly and professionally use a camera during this course. Each assignment will have sully skills needed to progress through this class to give the students a basic skill needed for a job using Digital Photography.

Painting 1

Course Description:  This is an introductory level painting class where we will be diving into art production, art history, art criticism, color theory and different painting media. You will be developing your own self-expression throughout our assignments while also focusing on the elements and principles of art and design. Our projects will help you develop proper painting skills as well as get you thinking about important topics.  

Jewelry Making

Course Description and Objectives: Jewelry Making is a course that is designed to build on the foundation of the elements and principles of art and design. You will be continuing to develop your own self-expression throughout our assignments. Your responsibilities as an artist will grow as you gain more independence in your art-making. We will be thinking outside the box as we work on our assignments that focus on skill-building, idea-generating, and collaboration.
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